Research – Where is home?

‘I don’t know how to be alone. There is a longing that I have never addressed. For even as a child, I knew I was nothing without “you”. I always needed someone to myself, who was exclusively for me. The attachment to “you” is part of what composes who “I” am. It’s not that “I” exist independently and without any relation to “you”. And time and again, when I have lost “you” because of circumstances that aren’t in my control, “I” too have gone missing.

The work is described as – ‘‘Where is home?’ is a continuing audio-visual series that features young people’s stories about coping with loneliness, depression and other mental health issues in today’s urban landscape’.

Wanting to incorporate text or speech into my work is something that I have looked into doing however I do not want to speak in the video myself. However, as the work is personal to me, I feel it wouldn’t be right for somebody to speak for me. The way that text is used within this video a way I can incorporate text with moving image to express how I am feeling.

The choppiness of each scene interests me and previously mentioned with the opening scene of Amercian Horror Story. I’m inspired by the way that certain scenes are repeated, such as the trees which become an anchor point throughout the video.


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Photographer based in the South West

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