Video – Test Clips

I used a simple black and white theme for the quote, linking with the black studio setting that I have used for the both the photos and video clips. The text appears fairly small, giving the impression of being isolated and alone – all feelings linked to mental illness. I experimented with blood dripping down […]

Drowning – Test Images

After producing the rose images submerged in water, I produced a self portrait image to go in the series. Where a lot of the others self portrait images I will be putting into the book show my face, I wanted to produce one that wasn’t so obvious. Showing simply a hand, gives the impression of […]

Rose in Water – Test Images

Although I experimented with roses and using the ‘blood’ in a similar way to the thorns, I felt the concept worked better with the thorns. I was left, however, still wanting to use the roses so experimenting with submerging them in water. I wanted each photograph in the seres to submerge to rose more as […]

Test Images – Roses

As well as photographing the thorns with ‘blood’, I also experimented with doing the same effect on the roses. At the moment I have only experimented on the yellow rose, and although I like the concept I feel the yellow doesn’t work. It not only clashes with the red but also the green of the […]

Creating the book

Above is photo sequencing for the next sections of photos within the book. The dandelion images were all shot this week, while the self-portraits were taken for the first hand in of this module. I wanted both the photos of the dandelion and the self portraits to show deterioration. Although I am currently using the […]

Creating the book

I am hoping to print my book using Blurb, and having looked at the different sizing option they offer, have chosen to produce a large square book (30×30). I chose to produce a square book as I feel this best suits a photo book rather than your traditional reading book, especially with the type of […]

Dandelions – Final Selection

I decided to choose 3 images for my final selection of dandelion photographs. I chose them because they tell the story of the plant loosing its seeds in three different ways. The photo series also links to title ‘I am destroyed’, with the loss of seeds making the plant appear weaker. For the first image […]

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