Personal Experimentation

I wanted to continue with the idea of producing self portraiture images, yet my face not actually featuring within the shot. The anomonity creates a feeling of unease, especially within these images. Although I am not completely happy with these images, the concept works well for me.

I wanted to focus on the idea of being trapped, as well as the idea of not being seen. For me though the images actually play on the idea of death. The construction of the images themselves are weak to me. It is obvious that a bed sheet as been used to cover myself which I believe could have been executed a lot better. The lighting also doesn’t work as, using just window lighting to construct the images. If I was to attempt these photographs again I would use flash so that the tones throughout the images are similar. The first image out of the set works best for me as the close in shot causes less distractions than the other two. Although the images themselves did not work for me this time, I want to carry on with this idea of entrapment.

Published by kirstypowellphotography

Photographer based in the South West

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