Final Project

Above is my finished video for the project. The intention for the video was to be displayed in a gallery setting along with the photos, with the audience not necessarily watching the whole video but a section and then moving on. For this reason the video can appear quite receptive when viewed on it’s own, […]

Mounting Photos

I decided to mount the photos onto foam board, which for me provided the physical support to make the photos look more sturdy and professional, whilst still being in budget. Each image was placed onto the board and then trimmed to remove the white boarders, which enhanced the images and made them pop.

Final Photos – Print

I decided to print ten photos at A1. I settled on printing ten photos as I felt that this represented the idea of mental health well enough without the work getting repetitive. I didn’t want to weaken the work by producing to many images as I felt with this project it was about what each […]

Test Photos

After recently visiting the doctors and being told I am showing signs of depersonalisation disorder I decided to photograph how it feels suffer from this. ‘Depersonalization disorder (DPD), also known as depersonalization/derealization disorder (DPDR), is a mental disorder in which the person has persistent or recurrent feelings of depersonalization or derealization. Depersonalization is described as feeling disconnected or detached from one’s self.’ For me the […]

Combining video and photography

I see my final project being displayed in a gallery space with the video/videos I am creating being projected onto a wall with the sounds filling the room. However, I feel that the videos alone do not portray my message strong enough. Because of this I am considering combing both video and photos together. the […]

Idea Development

Since I have started to put together my video, I have found that I am struggling to shoot clips to create an interesting video without repeating them and it becoming boring. As a way around this I have decided to split the video into three smaller shorts. Each one will be 30 seconds – 1 […]

Mind Map and Idea

I have decided to defiantly continue with the idea of video. As I had many ideas which I did not know how to continue with, I decided to create a mind map with them all on so it was easier to visualise. I will create a video based on social anxiety/mental health, however this will […]

Personal Experimentation – Continuation (Collage)

I continued with the idea of collage as I felt there was something intriguing about it. Having reflected on the work I produced within the first module, I found I was drawn to the image of the blindfold. At the time I wasn’t overly happy with the image itself and never used it within my […]

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