Spoken Word

After looking into more detail of the type of speech that I want to overlay with my videos, I found that ‘spoken word’ suits best.

Spoken word can be described as a poetry that is designed to be performed, yet can be delivered in a variety of different forms. A lot of people use spoken word as a way to express their or another story and is often used within dance, theatre and performative arts which is why it is seen as being more than just poetry.

‘Spoken word first kicked off with the American Beat Poet movement that took place in the 1940s and 1950s. This saw a group of authors in New York using their work to exploring and influence the American culture of the time.

Venting their frustrations with society, these poets started a tradition that has continued for many years, moving into the 1970s with punk poets like the UK’s John Cooper Clarke and famed dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, all the way up to today, where new social issues have brought upon a completely new era of spoken word.’ – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/231r4ZNg3LTSM3sH4sZmCjs/spoken-word-explained

Here are some examples:

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Photographer based in the South West

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