Comparing this module to my last hand in, I am much happier with the result. I feel that the work has come together and the way I am presenting it works well with the concept. Putting the work into a book worked well for me as it gave it a much more personal feel than […]

Video – Test Clips

I used a simple black and white theme for the quote, linking with the black studio setting that I have used for the both the photos and video clips. The text appears fairly small, giving the impression of being isolated and alone – all feelings linked to mental illness. I experimented with blood dripping down […]

Time-lapse – First Attempt

I created a time-lapse showing flowers frozen within ice and the effects of it melting. My first attempt at the time lapse failed for multiple reasons. I took a photograph every 5 minuets until the ice had melted, however this was to much of a gap and the end result looks jumpy. I also shot […]

Final Project

Above is my finished video for the project. The intention for the video was to be displayed in a gallery setting along with the photos, with the audience not necessarily watching the whole video but a section and then moving on. For this reason the video can appear quite receptive when viewed on it’s own, […]

Combining video and photography

I see my final project being displayed in a gallery space with the video/videos I am creating being projected onto a wall with the sounds filling the room. However, I feel that the videos alone do not portray my message strong enough. Because of this I am considering combing both video and photos together. the […]

Previous project + speech

I have decided against recording a speech to go over my video. I feel that I would not be able to get anyone to do it and therefore it would weaken the project overall. I also felt that because the project is such a person piece of work, it felt wrong to get somebody else […]

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