Research – Daniel Regan

Although I want to carry on mostly with video, the idea of photo books still interests me. After doing some more research into them I found photographer Daniel Regan who produced a book on his own issues with mental illness. He once said in an interview with Art of creative photography that ‘The decision to produce Insula as a book was mostly informed by the way in which I wanted people to view these images. The photographs can be highly emotive and I think they’re bested viewed alone, over time, and having them within a book gives the viewer the time to watch the story of chaos unfold.’ The way in which he states that he believes the images are best viewed alone stood out for me. My work represents privates moments within my life and the idea of sharing this to a large audience such as in a gallery space for me doesn’t feel personal enough. I want the work to be personal for the viewer, as a well as me.

The photos above ‘Insula’ – the book he produced using images taken over a period of ten years. The layout of the book is especially interesting to me, switching between images covering the whole page to photographs paired with quotes as well a what looks like assessment forms. This combination makes the book all the more personal, showing the audience what it is really like to live with a mental health disorder. The images themselves combine both fine art with documentary which I found interesting as I had not really seen the two forms mixed within the same project before.

If I was to produce a book a long side my videos, the book would become more of a limited edition version of the work, allowing those who want to have a more personal experience with the project to do so.

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Photographer based in the South West

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