Mind Map and Idea

I have decided to defiantly continue with the idea of video. As I had many ideas which I did not know how to continue with, I decided to create a mind map with them all on so it was easier to visualise.

I will create a video based on social anxiety/mental health, however this will not be portrayed in an obvious way. Visually, I will continue to include images of nature. The close up with represent mental health issues, for example, a single nettle to represent loneliness. I will then do landscapes, which will once again play on the idea of loneliness but contrast with the images of the body I want to later include. I will create music on to play within the background that will be either piano or strings, which will be influence by musician Keaton Henson. The music will be paired with a speech that I write. The music will get more intense as the speech does. The speech will describe the feelings I have whilst suffering from social anxiety, but not in an obvious way. I like the idea of using time as theme throughout the work. When suffering from an anxiety attack it both starts and stops within a few minuets, however the feelings happen progress rapidly. One idea I have is to count down until the next feeling – for example: ‘In a few seconds I’ll loose grip of reality’. The countdown makes the viewer experience a real life time frame, as well as the work getting more and more intense and it progresses.

Published by kirstypowellphotography

Photographer based in the South West

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