Personal Experimentation

The above photos experiment with the fashion side of my project. However, they do have a link to mental health and this is something that I considered when shooting the series. I wanted the black dress to symbolise the negativity surrounded with mental health, with the solitude surroundings further playing on this idea. However the location also adds a contrasting idea to the existing one. Suffering from social anxiety, I find myself being draw the locations like these as its where I find peace on my own. Theres a continuing theme of not showing my face which further plays on the idea of social anxiety.

I did intend to use smoke bombs within the picture, however they did not work when I came to use them. I would like to go back this location for a number of reasons. Not only would I ensure that I could use smoke bombs, but I would take a number of different outfits to see which one worked best. I would also like to do more portraits, playing with the make up and hair to create more interesting photos. The location (Midger Woods) is perfect for experimentation as not many people know it is there, meaning that hardly anybody will interrupt the photos. My next step is to consider what I feel went well with this shoot, and to continue to go back a number to reshoot until I am fully happy with the outcome of the images.

Published by kirstypowellphotography

Photographer based in the South West

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