Research – Chanel Fashion Film 2018

I have begun researching more into fashion campaigns, and how they use cinematography to address their message.

The Chanel 2018 Fashion campaign was especially interesting to me because of the similarities between their campaign and the video I want to produce. The video starts with short clips of nature as I intend mine to, and then slowly introduced the fashion element of the video. First of all you see only a hand, where as in my video I want to focus on the dress being dragged across water. It then moves on to close up of the eye, still not showing a full body shot of the model. When the subject is eventually shown, the landscape around them is a major part of the shot, and is arguably more important. The link between nature and the body has always been discussed through my work, and I want to continue to do this through self portraiture and the environment I choose to shoot within. The combination of black and white and colour footage is interesting to me, as I have always spoke about how I want to use colour to represent the emotion I am feeling. However when combining the two I feel that it portrays a message within itself, and you view the two pieces of footage completely differently even though they are portraying the same subject.

The music used within the video was also interesting to me, as it is subtle and doesn’t distract from the video. Although I want music within the background of my work, I also want speech over the top and therefore need to ensure that the work doesn’t become overcrowded.

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