Moving Image

I am looking at experimenting with moving image with my work. Although I still want to produce a book, the idea of producing short videos to go along side the work appeals to me.

I feel that the idea of social anxiety cannot be fully felt through just stills, and therefore adding both sound and moving image to the work can enhance on the experience. I would like to print large images to be put up in a gallery setting and feel that having sound playing the in space such as heavy breathing (symptom accosted with anxiety) would make the environment feel uncomfortable, which is what I want the viewers to experience.

The short 20 second videos would also be played within the gallery space and at the moment I see them being similar to the images. For example, the image I have produced of me scratching myself would have a video showing the same thing alongside it.

Published by kirstypowellphotography

Photographer based in the South West

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