Personal Experimentation – Continuation (Collage)

I continued with the idea of collage as I felt there was something intriguing about it.

Having reflected on the work I produced within the first module, I found I was drawn to the image of the blindfold. At the time I wasn’t overly happy with the image itself and never used it within my final edit, however there was something about the concept that kept me interested. I found it interesting how I subconsciously never like to show my face within, or all of my face, within my work – even though the project is self portraiture. This is something that I wanted to look into further.

I decided to find older photo’s of myself that I had previously used for college projects etc. yet covered what arguably is the most important part of a portrait – the eyes. Having taken away a part of the image that previously was one of the main parts, I began to feel that I was saying something within the work that I felt was previously missing with my other images.

For me the work has an insecurity and venerability to it which is something that I want to continue to explore through my work. The idea of collage is something I have never experimented with before, yet actually am becoming incredibly interested in the technique involved.

Published by kirstypowellphotography

Photographer based in the South West

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