Comparing this module to my last hand in, I am much happier with the result. I feel that the work has come together and the way I am presenting it works well with the concept. Putting the work into a book worked well for me as it gave it a much more personal feel than […]

Video – Test Clips

I used a simple black and white theme for the quote, linking with the black studio setting that I have used for the both the photos and video clips. The text appears fairly small, giving the impression of being isolated and alone – all feelings linked to mental illness. I experimented with blood dripping down […]

Drowning – Test Images

After producing the rose images submerged in water, I produced a self portrait image to go in the series. Where a lot of the others self portrait images I will be putting into the book show my face, I wanted to produce one that wasn’t so obvious. Showing simply a hand, gives the impression of […]

Rose in Water – Test Images

Although I experimented with roses and using the ‘blood’ in a similar way to the thorns, I felt the concept worked better with the thorns. I was left, however, still wanting to use the roses so experimenting with submerging them in water. I wanted each photograph in the seres to submerge to rose more as […]

Test Images – Roses

As well as photographing the thorns with ‘blood’, I also experimented with doing the same effect on the roses. At the moment I have only experimented on the yellow rose, and although I like the concept I feel the yellow doesn’t work. It not only clashes with the red but also the green of the […]

Thorns – Test Images

After being inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo, I experimented with the idea of blood and thorns. With the first image in the series I unintentionally formed a ‘cross’ shape when places the thorn which although subtle and maybe not noticeable to most people, links with the religious connotations that I spoke about in […]

Creating the book

Above is photo sequencing for the next sections of photos within the book. The dandelion images were all shot this week, while the self-portraits were taken for the first hand in of this module. I wanted both the photos of the dandelion and the self portraits to show deterioration. Although I am currently using the […]

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