Rose in Water – Test Images

Although I experimented with roses and using the ‘blood’ in a similar way to the thorns, I felt the concept worked better with the thorns. I was left, however, still wanting to use the roses so experimenting with submerging them in water.

I wanted each photograph in the seres to submerge to rose more as it went on, so I photographed the whole rose on its on slowly being pushed into the water. Although I feel that this concept works, that last image doesn’t work for me. The complete emptiness contrasts to much against the other images and makes the whole series feel empty as if something is lacking.

I then added petals around the rose itself so that this feeling of emptiness that was felt from the first idea had gone. However, this ended up being the worst of images for me as they feel overcomplicated. I also felt the rose on its on in the first idea implied the idea of being lonely which links to mental health, yet this one if anything appears to ‘pretty’ and gives totally the wrong impression.

I found the rose petals too much so removed them for the final idea. For me idea three works best as it gets rid of the issue from idea one, where there third picture looked empty compared to the rest. I do however feel that the pictures look sightly receptive and feel that having all three of the images two much .

I decided to use only two images in then as I felt that using all three was a little obvious and not needed. I also decided to mix a photos from series 3 with another from series 2. Being able to see the full rose within the first picture and then just the petals in the final image means that the series does not look to repetitive, however gives the same result of it ‘drowning’.

Published by kirstypowellphotography

Photographer based in the South West

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