Drowning – Test Images

After producing the rose images submerged in water, I produced a self portrait image to go in the series. Where a lot of the others self portrait images I will be putting into the book show my face, I wanted to produce one that wasn’t so obvious. Showing simply a hand, gives the impression of […]

Rose in Water – Test Images

Although I experimented with roses and using the ‘blood’ in a similar way to the thorns, I felt the concept worked better with the thorns. I was left, however, still wanting to use the roses so experimenting with submerging them in water. I wanted each photograph in the seres to submerge to rose more as […]

Test Images – Frozen/Trapped

I thought of emotions and feelings that come with suffering from a mental illness and straight away thought of the idea of being trapped. I created the images above by laying under water and placing perspex over the top. I wanted the perspex to be clear at first, but after it started steaming up I […]

Personal Experimentation

Whilst at Midger woods, I decided to shoot more moving image focusing mostly on water. These videos will be put together and paired with the speech that I create. I want to introduce the fashion element of the project subtly. Me walking across the water in the dress will flash up between other clips of […]

Potenital Shoot Locations – Cannop’s Valley

Forest of Dean is the one of the areas that I am looking into to produce my photos. Not only would the area make idyllic backdrops for my images, but I would be able to find a location that was more private than that I previously wrote about in my last post. This would enable […]

Research – Laura Zalenga

Laura Zalenga’s work is predominantly self portraiture, using epic landscapes as a backdrop for her images. She often appears without clothes in her work which for me creates a vulnerability and rawness. This is something I often do within my own work for the same reason, vulnerabilityShe often appears without clothes in her work which […]

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