Video – Test Clips

I used a simple black and white theme for the quote, linking with the black studio setting that I have used for the both the photos and video clips. The text appears fairly small, giving the impression of being isolated and alone – all feelings linked to mental illness. I experimented with blood dripping down […]

Test Images – Frozen/Trapped

I thought of emotions and feelings that come with suffering from a mental illness and straight away thought of the idea of being trapped. I created the images above by laying under water and placing perspex over the top. I wanted the perspex to be clear at first, but after it started steaming up I […]

Personal Experimentation

After being inspired by James Schofields work, I wanted to experiment with the idea of using objects to portray a feeling, rather than using people. I chose to use flowers, looking at the something that will deteriorates over time. For me the two images together represent the idea of having hope and loosing hope – […]

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