Creating the book

I am hoping to print my book using Blurb, and having looked at the different sizing option they offer, have chosen to produce a large square book (30×30). I chose to produce a square book as I feel this best suits a photo book rather than your traditional reading book, especially with the type of […]

Time-Lapse – Second Attempt

The second attempt at a time lapse went more successfully. I set up my camera so that it automatically took a photo every minute, and waited for the ice to melt which took a total of 10 hours. I then put together the 594 photos to create a time-lapse. The transition throughout the video is […]

Time-lapse – First Attempt

I created a time-lapse showing flowers frozen within ice and the effects of it melting. My first attempt at the time lapse failed for multiple reasons. I took a photograph every 5 minuets until the ice had melted, however this was to much of a gap and the end result looks jumpy. I also shot […]

Flowers in ice – Test images

After photographing the flowers frozen within the ice with the intention of comparing it to the image of me in a similar setting, I decided to photograph the flowers once the ice had melted. I found it interesting that the flowers when out of ice and instead in water look weaker than they did before, […]

Test Images – Flowers In Ice

After producing the image of me looking like I was trapped and frozen I decided to recreate it with flowers. I wanted to compare the two – comparing self portraiture with nature, and when presenting these images would pair them together. Linking back to the title of the work ‘We are merely here’, I wanted […]

Personal Experimentation-Collage

As well as experimenting with video, I am also continuously taking photos to coincide with the videos that I produce. As previously mentioned, the combination of both the body and nature is a running theme throughout my work. The images above show a literal combination of the two things, experimenting with the idea of collage. […]

Personal Experimentation

After being inspired by James Schofields work, I wanted to experiment with the idea of using objects to portray a feeling, rather than using people. I chose to use flowers, looking at the something that will deteriorates over time. For me the two images together represent the idea of having hope and loosing hope – […]

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