Frida Kahlo – Self Portrait (Research)

After looking into the idea of experimenting with photographing roses and using self portraiture throughout my work, I looked into the work of Frida Kahlo. One piece of work in particular stood out to me ‘Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird’. I was especially drawn to the thorn necklace which she wears around her neck […]

Flowers in ice – Test images

After photographing the flowers frozen within the ice with the intention of comparing it to the image of me in a similar setting, I decided to photograph the flowers once the ice had melted. I found it interesting that the flowers when out of ice and instead in water look weaker than they did before, […]

Mind Map and Idea

I have decided to defiantly continue with the idea of video. As I had many ideas which I did not know how to continue with, I decided to create a mind map with them all on so it was easier to visualise. I will create a video based on social anxiety/mental health, however this will […]

Research – Keep Palas Eternal Collection

After beginning to produce some of my own videos, I started looking into similar ideas and how they have been executed. The video above was produced as part of the ‘Keep Palas Eternal Fashion Collection’. The fast pace close ups of nature create a feeling of intrigue for me, wanting to know what the next […]

Research – American Horror Story

I have always found the introductions to American Horror Story intriguing. In relation to my work I am influenced by the way that quick bursts of images have been used, sometimes not left long enough for the viewer to make out what is being shown, whichI feel adds to the suspense. The context is random […]

Research – Kristianne Drake

Kristianne Drake produced two projects, ‘You Were Here’ and ‘Sometimes Things Just Disappear’ both focusing on mental health. Her first project, ‘You Were Here’ focuses on OCD, which Drake produced when she first was diagnosed with the illness. She observed the tea bags left on the side by her family over time. When talking about […]

Zaklina Anderson

Zaklina Anderson uses double exposures of both people and landscapes, creating a dream like feeling to her images. I found Anderson’s work interesting due to the combination of the two elements, something that I have previously used within my work. I want to carry on the idea of landscapes and nature offering peace, while producing […]

Research – Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman creates haunting self portraits, which become more poignant when knowing she suffered from depression and took her own life at the age of 22. Her work was arguably not noticed while she was alive, but after her tragic death the work took on a whole new meaning and gave importance to it. Using […]

Research – Laura Zalenga

Laura Zalenga’s work is predominantly self portraiture, using epic landscapes as a backdrop for her images. She often appears without clothes in her work which for me creates a vulnerability and rawness. This is something I often do within my own work for the same reason, vulnerabilityShe often appears without clothes in her work which […]

Research – Kev Hawken

‘Kev’s work highlights his frustration, despair and sense of isolation from living with anxiety for the past twelve years, using his student accommodation as the site for Disorder.’ – I relate straight away to the work of Kev Hawken, which highlights the feelings that come with suffering from anxiety. The fact it was shot […]

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