Flowers in ice – Test images

After photographing the flowers frozen within the ice with the intention of comparing it to the image of me in a similar setting, I decided to photograph the flowers once the ice had melted. I found it interesting that the flowers when out of ice and instead in water look weaker than they did before, […]

Reflection – Test Images

Although I previously mentioned that I thought it may be interesting to pair a portrait image with a landscape one, especially when displaying them in a book, I have decided against the idea. After asking a number of people which option they thought worked best – Option 1 (both portrait) or option 2 (portrait and […]

Test Images – Flowers In Ice

After producing the image of me looking like I was trapped and frozen I decided to recreate it with flowers. I wanted to compare the two – comparing self portraiture with nature, and when presenting these images would pair them together. Linking back to the title of the work ‘We are merely here’, I wanted […]

Test Images – Frozen/Trapped

I thought of emotions and feelings that come with suffering from a mental illness and straight away thought of the idea of being trapped. I created the images above by laying under water and placing perspex over the top. I wanted the perspex to be clear at first, but after it started steaming up I […]

Coming self portraiture with nature

I previously looked at experimenting with piecing multiple images together to create an independent piece of art work. This was something that at the time I did find interesting but mostly looked at combining images with text, however I now want to look at this idea of combining nature with self portraits. Above is some […]

Evaluation Essay

My intention for the project was to highlight the issue of mental health, and more specifically represent what it feels like to suffer with social anxiety. This is a topic that has run through my MA course as I have a personal connection to the issue. Suffering with social anxiety myself I wanted to use […]

Final Project

Above is my finished video for the project. The intention for the video was to be displayed in a gallery setting along with the photos, with the audience not necessarily watching the whole video but a section and then moving on. For this reason the video can appear quite receptive when viewed on it’s own, […]

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